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We are embracing AI!! We have a special AI Issue starting in February 2023. We want to incorporate all our usual Femme Rebelle themes - but in a dedicated issue where you can show off your AI skills! The first issue is set for release end of February and thereafter will be monthly!



email your images (via Dropbox or WeTransfer) or enquiries to



We make the minimal amount of profit and with this being a print-on-demand magazine we do not give away print or digital copies or pay for submissions (but we are always happy to email tear sheets!), if this is unacceptable then do think before you submit. Along with most print on demand magazines the price per issue is a lot higher as we don't order or print in bulk - typically the cost for a digital issue is about £19 and a print issue about £39. The magazine runs to about 60-90 pages each issue (most print-on-demand magazines run to 40-60 pages) with no adverts therefore we think it is exceptional value for a glossy publication of this type! We accept your submissions from all over the world and we ship worldwide.


We welcome submissions from AI artists under the following guidelines:


1. When you submit please send ONLY high resolution images with no logo - do NOT send screenshots, PDF composites or lo-res images off your phone - We need to see your images in the highest resolution to assess their quality for print. If possible use a good upscaler and make sure your images are super sharp. We need pngs or jpegs. Your images will need to be part of a coherent and cohesive set - do not send in lots of your best images that do not relate to each other. We want to see an editorial-type set of approx 4-10 images, in a 2:3 aspect ratio only (not 1:1, although one or two images can be 3:2 but PLEASE make sure the main focus of your image is NOT in the centre - central parts of the image are hidden in the book binding if we spread across a double page. We will also publish solo image submissions - so IF you do have one favourite then we will also accept that (only in a 2:3 format) - however, no more than 2 submissions per issue will be accepted. We do NOT accept Lensa or similar facial recognition app images.


2. We do not need your prompts but a title would be cool! We also need your name and IG tag if applicable, these will be printed in the magazine. Images are best with no text, no borders, no logos of any kind. We do expect to see a good level of 'clean-up' of artefacts including extra digits! (MidJourney and the hands - crazy!) This can effect how many images are accepted. Your images can be made using any AI platform and can incorporate other editing software too such as Photoshop.

3. Themes - As per our usual style, we want images of females or female entities only - this may expand in the future but for now we want to keep to the same submission criteria as our main photographic issue. You can submit any style you like but we want to see fantasy, creative work as much as possible, you can use different styles - NIJI, fashion, cyber, Marvel etc but very basic photorealistic work of sexy women is not likely to be accepted - we want more drama and creativity. Glamour-type nudity will not be published, although nipples aren't banned per-se I am very particular about how they are represented. Big-busted ladies created for no other reason than titillation will not be published - we want a story please!

4. It is presumed when you submit that YOU are the AI artist and we will email you our terms and conditions, If we don't hear back from you then we assume this is all good and your images will be published in the next issue. We will email you again on release.

5. How many of your images are placed depends on the quality and variety of your submission. 

Release Dates & Deadlines

We aim to release on the last days of every month - therefore the deadline will be 5 days before that. During the summer months this may change.

Cover images are chosen from the best submissions - we generally run split covers where we have 3 or 4 different covers to choose from. If you would like a guaranteed cover then we charge £75 for this - when you submit in the usual way send your £75 by PayPal to - if we deem your image set not quite right for our covers then this will be immediately refunded.



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