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email your images (via Dropbox or WeTransfer) or enquiries to

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How To Submit

We make the minimal amount of profit and with this being a print-on-demand magazine we do not give away print or digital copies or pay for submissions (but we are always happy to email tear sheets!), if this is unacceptable then do think before you submit. Along with most print on demand magazines the price per issue is a lot higher as we don't order or print in bulk - typically the cost for a digital issue is about £18 and a print issue about £39. The magazine runs to about 90-120 pages each issue (most print-on-demand magazines run to 40-60 pages) with no adverts therefore we think it is exceptional value for a glossy book of this type!


We welcome submissions from photographers, female models, make-up artists and designers under the following guidelines:



When you submit please send ONLY high resolution images with no logo - do NOT send screenshots, PDF composites or lo-res images off your phone - We need to see your images in the highest resolution to assess their quality for print. Images can be in colour or black & white (please don't send multiple effect versions of each image, including color and black and white versions) and of a high resolution jpeg ONLY (no .png or TIFF - 300dpi with at least 2500px on the longest side and NO LARGER THAN 15MB EACH). IMAGES MUST BE UNPUBLISHED BOTH ONLINE AND IN PRINT. IF YOU SHARE YOUR IMAGES PRIOR TO PUBLICATION THEN YOUR CONTENT WILL BE PULLED.  Use Dropbox or WeTransfer to send your images to us. When you submit please include all credits in the first instance. We suggest you select YOUR best work from one set, about 15 images max, and submit those. Please do NOT submit hundreds of images and ask us to 'take our pick'  - we simply don't have the time! Your submission needs to be new work from one session - not a mixture of your favourite images in your portfolio.

Submissions are now limited to 2 per photographer or model per month.

We will inform you of our decision within 1 week and if successful we will email you asking for credits and a signed release. Email to If you are NOT the copyright holder (ie the photographer) then you must get permission from them before submitting. We will not accept submissions without signed permission from the photographer.


2. How many of your images are placed depends on the quality and variety of your submission. Models, photographers and designers can submit but we will need the photographers permission. We need 1-15 images and most of them should be in the portrait or vertical format if possible. A maximum of 2 horizontal or landscape images may be submitted but PLEASE make sure the main focus of your image is NOT in the centre - central parts of the image are hidden in the book binding. 


1. Are your images in high resolution with no watermark?

2. Have you submitted 1-15 of your BEST images and no more?

3. Have you included full credits?

Release Dates & Deadlines

We aim to release on the 1st of every month - therefore the deadline will be 5 days before that. During the summer months this may change.

I have made a simple list below of the sorts of images we prefer:



Variety in outfits/looks

Unusual and creative ideas

good editing with professional looking skin work

creativity with post-processing

graphic colourful work

professional hair and make-up

Our new ALLURE issue features fantastic quality boudoir, implied nude, art nude, artistic glamour with tasteful nudity and standard fashion images


headshots and simple model portfolio portrait images

poor low light work / grainy images/out-of-focus

bad skin editing (using automated software)

cheap looking mis-matched outfits

amateur hair and make-up

We have written a VERY informative blog piece about submitting your images - its well worth a read if you want to be more successful with your images being published - SUBMITTING TO MAGAZINES

Please make sure your set has a coherent feel - below are 3 submissions we loved with WHY we loved them!













Fashion editorial from Judith Bender-Jura - this was from one of our 2017 covers and was my personal favourite of the whole year! The styling is exceptional, the hair and make-up is very professional and the lighting is amazing. As you can see each image links to the others, there is a 'theme'. We have 2 models but they are shot at the same time, in the same sets and with similar hair and make-up. The outfits are all different which means i was more likely to pick more images to feature! Also we have only one horizontal image and the model is placed to one side - very important for publication as horizontal images are difficult to place.


Fantasy fairy woodland shoot by me - Nicola Grimshaw-Mitchell from MyBoudoir - again good styling, using 2 models  for variety and a few different outfits for interest. There is a colour theme here that is consistent throughout the images - each one is colour-balanced to the others - very important! There is variety in the posing, angles and composition. The outfits are incredible and really help to make this set stand out.


Alt submission from Julian Kilsby - one of my favourite photographers! I love alternative sets like this and I myself shoot a lot of images with latex. So, latex is the 'theme' here - each image has a different feel but all are linked with the model, outfits and colour balance, even though they show differing backgrounds. The editing is spot-on and the hair and make-up are professional with each image lit well.

Cover images are chosen from the best submissions - we generally run split covers where we have 3 or 4 different covers to choose from  - this way we feel we can give unknown (but exceptional) photographers and models a chance to grace the cover! Our criteria for a cover is VERY specific, we prefer clear SHARP images that are either half body or face and shoulders, with EXCEPTIONAL post processing, dramatic hair and make-up - imperfect skin editing is magnified on the cover so will be rejected. We love bright, graphic and unusual images that are very eye-catching with professional hair and make-up. Studio shot images are preferable to location shots as the background is relatively uncluttered. If you would like a guaranteed cover then we charge £75 for this - when you submit in the usual way send your £75 by PayPal to - if we deem your image set not quite right for our covers then this will be immediately refunded.


We also accept single image submissions for our 'SOLO' section - these must be in a vertical or 'portrait' format.

We also run a special Pin-Up magazine  - BOMBSHELL - so if your submission is vintage or pin-up in nature then do submit to


ADVERTISING We keep this to an absolute minimum so please contact us for rates.

OUT NOW!!!!! The editor of Femme Rebelle Magazine has written a fabulous guide to boudoir photography - SECRETS OF THE BOUDOIR. An essential masterclass for all you budding boudoir photographers out there! You can purchase the book HERE.



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